Tempering the Past.
Transforming the Future.
Tempering the Past. Transforming the Future.
Lessons from the past empower us to approach the future with a deeper knowledge of our natural resources and a stronger commitment to developing innovative solutions that protect the health and well-being of future generations.
At Empowerment Strategies, we believe working together today builds a better tomorrow.

An Environmental Sustainability Consulting Firm, Empowerment Strategies partners with Government Agencies, Higher-Learning Institutions, Corporations, and K–12 schools to resolve complex challenges, engage key stakeholders, and implement culturally relevant studies designed to reshape environmental resiliency and outcomes.

We specialize in the development of Environmental Mitigation StrategiesEnvironmental Sustainability Initiatives, and Environmental Health Sciences Research. Our in-depth approach to reconciling environmental health concerns provides communities and organizations with customized frameworks that lead to beneficial, people-first results.

A trusted advisor and technical strategist for more than 20 years, Empowerment Strategies is committed to environmental transformations that protect the short and long-term health of our communities and people.

Let’s build a better tomorrow together.


An expert problem-solver with a heart for communities and people negatively impacted by environmental issues, Jamelle H. Ellis has an extensive background and proven track record in a broad range of mitigation, sustainability, and research-related projects.

She earned a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Health Sciences from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.

She believes successful environmental health planning requires significant expertise in strategy development and practical experience in active listening, accurate root-cause analysis, and engagement of key stakeholders at every stage of resolution.

Empowerment Strategies takes a comprehensive approach to helping organizations and communities address environmental health concerns with a customized blueprint that always puts people first.

If you’re looking for quality solutions backed by experience and vision, let Empowerment Strategies create your game plan.

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Jamelle Ellis
Let’s build a better tomorrow together.


Plan. Protect. Preserve.

Tempering the past and transforming the future requires a balanced approach to developing innovative and effective strategies that are both people and solutions-oriented.

At Empowerment Strategies, we understand that people are the heartbeat of every organization, family, and community. We know that by improving the environment we can improve the health and well-being of the residents who rely on it.

Our holistic perspective for driving positive change always places people first, and we wouldn’t do it any other way.

Our solutions are centered on three key areas: Environmental Mitigation Strategies, Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, and Environmental Health Science Research.

We’re committed to helping Government Agencies, Corporations, Institutions of Higher Education, Non-Profits, and School Districts find resolutions to today’s challenges, while preparing a better environment for future generations.

Find out more about how Empowerment Strategies can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s build a better tomorrow together.


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Environmental Mitigation Strategies

Working Together to Turn Visions into Plans

Community impact is the driving force behind our Environmental Mitigation Strategies. Providing stakeholders with a voice in the future of their community is critical to the development of a comprehensive strategic plan that is environmentally-sound and enduring.

At Empowerment Strategies, we involve, educate, and engage diverse groups of stakeholders through facilitated public workshops, focus groups, and virtual outreach. We’re skilled at removing barriers to collaboration, building relationships, and creating unique learning opportunities that lead to lasting and effective environmental outcomes.

We keep project development and implementation at the forefront, while balancing the needs of long-term planning, community attributes, research, stakeholder objectives, costs, and potential impacts to cultural and historic resources.

We provide guidance on complying with policies and federal regulations in accordance with implementation of National Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, including the development of environmental assessments (EA), environmental impact statements (EIS), and findings of no significant impact (FONSIs).

Enduring change doesn’t happen overnight.

To turn vision into action plans, you need an integrated, multi-benefit approach, from a proven technical leader with a track record for successful community and environmental planning.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Working Together to Minimize Environmental Impact

At Empowerment Strategies, we work with facts.

We know that organizations with environmental sustainability needs can maximize their outcomes by working with a reputable partner to create customized, fact-based solutions for the development, implementation, and strict management of critical sustainability projects.

As a respected environmental guide, we work alongside businesses to design quality solutions that encompass a variety of service offerings, including environmental impact assessments, planning, training, and ongoing guidance.

We develop management systems in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 standards to aid in the identification of environmental risks associated with normal business operations and to comply with necessary legal and regulatory requirements.

Preemptively mitigating existing and potential impacts is a top priority.

To achieve this goal, we help clients discern waste reduction solutions for operations and manufacturing; green facility improvements; sustainable purchasing practices; and consumption reduction of vital resources, such as energy and water.

You can count on us to go the extra mile to ensure you’re future-ready with education programs on sustainability; volunteer and community involvement programs; and corporate culture change initiatives designed to keep you on-track and self-sustaining.

Preserving the environment is serious business. What you do or don’t do today creates a lasting impact for years to come.

Environmental Health Sciences Research

Working Together to Design Academic Solutions

Environmental health challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from complex public issues to location-specific problem-solving.

To effectively navigate such barriers, you need a technically astute professional skilled at effectively communicating intricate technical analyses in succinct, easy-to-understand terms.

At Empowerment Strategies, that’s what we do best.

University of South Carolina College of Education

Our partnerships with public and private institutions of higher education are steeped in the design and implementation of high-quality, mixed methods studies.

Our customized service offerings encompass an array of focus areas, such as environmental assessment; environmental exposures and health outcomes; disparate environmental exposures in environmental justice communities; and culturally relevant environmental and STEM-based pedagogy in K–12 classrooms.

We provide critical thinking, measured analysis, and scientific peer-reviewed outcomes to guide successful policy development, project planning, and enduring solutions.

You can count on us to deliver a full range of analyses, from focused studies to complex multi-year models.

If designing and implementing enduring solutions is your ultimate game plan, Empowerment Strategies is an experienced and collaborative partner who can help you cross the finish line.